Connect EP4 Node with GrandMA2

Hi Folks,

I dont even know if I have a Issue now or not but…
I have a video shoot on sunday where I have to provide a timecode show and the location has a MA2 Command Wing for lights, as the video crew brings 8 Titantubes as additional lights there is a need for a third universe which i wanted to play out through the EP4. I tried to configure it and it looks like my PC is playing out ArtNet … yellow light is blinking fast and when I end the session in MA2 it stops. But the outputs on the EP4 are blinking. When I connect the node via ONYX the outputs are constant. I know that i wont see a third party node in the ma software. As I dont have any fixtures at home I cant test the output. Does anybody know if the incoming artnet is still recognized and played out in this use case?

THX in advance

and yes I have a commandwing connected to my PC so the output is activated in MA , I can also see the data in the artnet monitor software

Check the Art-net address mode in the EP4 and try the alternate 0-0 or 0-1 setting. You probably are sending the wrong Universe from the MA.

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Youre the man… at least it looks right now. Just found out that you can change the DMX input to an output on the command wing, so I will be safe no matter if its working now. But still a big thank you as it seem that your tip brought the solution.