Connect NX1 with laptop to use more univers ?

I have question about connect NX1 with laptop to use more univers.
For daily using 8 universe are enough but sometimes i need more universes. May i connect consol with pc which has a “onyx essential” (USB key to enable 8 ONYX Universes) to have 16 universes on one device (on console) or may i use from pc some programs on consol ?

I need to steer just on console.

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Silesa Stage Effect

The best way to do this is to establish a network with Your PC that has a license for more universes. Make a show on the PC, and ask NX1 to join the show - it will then become the control surface for that show.
In network settings of onyx You will have to enable X-Net.
Go to ONYX menu > Network Settings > Interfaces - there on the right will be X-NET.
Select the proper interface and enable X-net on the NX1 and on the computer.

I hope that helped :slight_smile:

Hey SSE,

As @Mike has already given you the steps to create / join a networked show session, I would like to point one additional thing out.

An Essential Key is also only 8 universes, same as the NX1. Creating and joining a networked show session does not allow you to add to the universe count. As Mike said, your PC will need a higher license count (either Premier = 64 univ or Elite = 128 univ) to accomplish what you are asking. Universes don’t “add” based on hardware joined together.

Here is a link to the license information page. Onyx Licenses (

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Thank you for your answer, I will have to buy “Premier” and solve my problem that way :slight_smile: