Connecting to Capture on a Mac from Onyx on a PC

Until recently I was using QLC+ on a Mac with Capture on the same machine. I have a solo license for Capture.

I’m now realizing that while QLC+ is nice, it’s too open and doesn’t teach principles of common lighting consoles.

So, we may switch. I now have a PC laptop running Windows and ONYX, but I don’t know if I’m able to control Capture on my MacBook from ONYX on the PC. I do not have any Onyx hardware, and the instructions seem to be tailored to connecting to a console.

There are no DMX devices attached to the network beyond these two software packages. Is it possible to do what I’m attempting, because I’m not getting a response in Capture from the ONYX output?


Just to be up front, I haven’t done this yet myself. I’m starting the process of switching from MSD 6 to Capture. But, if I understand the documentation correctly, just set up a small EtherDMX (sACN) network between the two machines. That’s how I did it with MSD 6. Make sure that you are outputting sACN (4 Universes Free) on the PC with ONYX and set Capture to receive the sACN signal. Again, I haven’t done it with Capture, but I have with MSD 6. So it should be very similar. That’s the next step for me in testing Capure. Also, so you are aware, ONYX is now shipping with a Capture “Bundle”, and they are working to make the connection between the two units better.

Hope this helps,


Yeah, I’ve been down that road unfortunately.

When I run QLC+ and Capture on the same Mac, I have no problem getting Capture to see the lighting network, but when I have Onyx running on a PC on the same network, the Mac (Capture) just doesn’t see it.

There’s some mish mash about a “2 dot” network requirement which doesn’t really fit my network topology.

Hmmm. The next time I work on this project I’ll see if I can find anything out. The “mish mash” about a “” network is usually referring to Art-Net output. But that is not a requirement for sACN. My setup (consoles, nodes, pc’s, etc.) are on a very “tight” network that our IT department helped lock in. So as I reference for my MSD 6 and ONYX network using sACN, I’m running currently running 10.101.101.x at a level. This is structured for growth, but also currently allows 1022 devices. So, I’ll see if the next time I’m working with Capture if I can find something out.


Any forward movement on this from your end? I haven’t touched it since then due to other projects.