Control RDM using external APP with RDM-NET while using sACN


I Have several Netron producs, namely EP4’s and EN12’s.
One company I work for uses Luminex and they are capable of use RDM while using sACN instead of the Art-Net. I have several reasons not to use Art-Net on our environment.
I would like to do the same but cannot verify if thats possible with netron. I believe RDM-NET is used exactly for this porpuse, to add RDM functionality separated from the DMX transport protocol.

If somebody can verify this would be helpfull.


Netron supports sACN for streaming traffic and Art-RDM for RDM traffic.
We do not support RDM over sACN, it is not part of the protocol.
Netron does not fully support RDM-NET.

Luminodes are currently not able to do RDM-Net
What they do, is send RDM via ArtNet (ArtRDM), on Request, even if they configured as sACN.
Because ArtNet supports the Configuration of all Ports as sACN and other protocolls.
If you Configured an Luminode to use ArtNet, you only set the Ports to Listening for ArtDMX Packages.
You not disable the howle device to do ArtNet the ArtPoll and ArtPollReply stuff is still working.

So it should be possible to let the RDM10 let do ArtRDM, while its configured to listen for DMX on sACN