Control Resolume from Onyx

Hey folks,

Curious if anyone else has attempted to control Resolume (Arena) with Onyx or if this is at all possible. I know the reverse to be true (Resolume can act as a MIDI and trigger cues within Onyx), but I’m looking to be able to control or select clips within Resolume using a trigger in a Cue List. I know Showcockpit use to be able to do this in previous versions, but I’m currently using 4.5 (beta release 1215).

Any help or suggestions would be super helpful. Cheers!

When you use Onyx Nova to premier you can set up a windows loopback network adapter and send dmx data from Onyx to Resolume Arena. Then you can map the dmx data in arena as you wish.

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Thank you! Got it working per your help!

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