Controlling position cue fade time with encoders

Hi guys, I’m stuck and hoping its something simple that I’m missing. I’m transitioning from running the console from the programmer to building cues and running things “correctly”. The problem I’m having is that I lose the ability to adjust the live time. When changing colors or positions in the programmer, I can slow the transition down by adjusting live time. When I change colors or positions via cues, I can’t get any of the rate timings to actually change the fade.

I have the cue times set to 0. I tried setting some to 1 second (a non-zero value) and adjusting the global fade time but it didn’t change anything. When I hit the cue, it still snapped rather than going slow as I set the selected cue fade time encoder to.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something, hopefully simple… Can anyone help?

what is the parameter that snaps?