conventional console controlled by onyx master

Hello !

I’m trying to use a conventional console to have more faders with onyx on a PC. i use the martin usb dmx interface. My conventional gets in on A and my output dmx is on B. I selected " merge" in options. My problem is that the onyx grandmaster doesn’t fade the conventional, the channels I send with the conventional stay “on”.

Has someone a solution ?

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The grandmaster doesn’t control merged values that are simply forwarded to the output. It would not know which dmx channel to move as an intensity.
Use DMX In Map to assign incoming dmx values to generic channels patched to the correct addresses.

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thanks for your answer, Matthias, I’ll try this tomorrow.

hi again, I did the mapping with good parameters and it works fine ! But still have an issue : I want to keep my audience lights NOT to be controlled by grand master. I looked in the partch but did’n find nothing.

An idea ?

This is not possible, the console has no option to ignore the grandmaster.

Hi matthias, I found a solution, I did a playback for audience lights, and with the patch if I remebmer well, I could ask that it is ignored by the grandmaster.

Or, you can park them instead…

hi, Zion, thanks for your reply. but if i park them, i can’t shut them down anymore ?

you could create a “master” inhibitive fader and use that like a grandmaster

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Hi, did your issue solved?