Converting TimeCode cuelist to Cuelist compute follow time between cue

Hi all.

Here is my workflow :

  • Load a track with reaper, add mark and export a csv file.
  • Load the csv into Onyx. This create a timecode cuelist who include the timecode data.
  • As most of the band I work with don’t use timecode but play with metronum, I convert the Timecode cuelist to a basic Cuelist. I change most of my cue from “Go” To follow. But I need to use repear to compute the follow time value between each cue.

My question sugestion is :

  • When the software convert a timecode cuelist to a basic cuelist, if there is some timecode data in the timecode cue, could you add an option to tell ask the user if he want to keep timing data. If yes, all the cue will be define with follow option, and the follow time is set by Onyx.

Thank you !


please give us exactly this. it will save so much time!



++1, another time!