Create a usefull Library Editor Documentation

i am trying to create some Fixture Librarys since 3 days…

The basic ones are mostly working like they should but now we have some advanced stuff here, so i started searching for some documentation or videos but nothing helpfull…

Good to know stuff:

  • How to create groups ?
  • Create multiple clickable channels in one Library like the generic multi channel fixture
  • Is the name on the edit channel tab just a name or does it connect somewhere ?
  • How to create “Settings” (3CH / 4CH / 14CH)
  • Does the functionality which you can choose be used as templates or do i have to select intensity so it goes into the intensity tab?
  • If i create a channel it sometimes display in the Intensity tab and some times not -> Why?
  • How can i assign a channel to an tab ?

Yes i know i can request a library, but if theres an editor we also should know how to acutally use it…

Gürtler Sascha
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Hello, @Ofer_Brum will answer better than me, but here is some args that demonstrate that it is better to request a fixture profile than to create your own one:

  • all fixture profile are then publically publish which can help other user with the same fixture
  • all fixture profile features are not supported by the library editor (pixels, pixels shape, multi mode…)
  • fixture profile shall be well designed (attributes name, enclosing of attributes, convention naming etc…) to be sure to have a 100% working fixture profile working in all Onyx features. But also to be sure that the fixture profile will not make instable Onyx show, or corrupted one.

Just for that, I will push a fixture request. Even myself which knows the structure of the xml files with attributes naming and convention naming, I prefer to perform request. When I don’t have time to wait for it, I just take the closest fixture to have only small things to adapt (with the support of to find matching, or approximate profile)


Well the idea behind it is to write our own as fast as possible (sometimes we need them on the same day (china lamps)) and then mayve send them to elation for reviewing or simply adding it to the database

I understand, but for a lot of your points (see my enclosed answer in the quote) , fixture library editor will not answer your need, so you will have to request them, create dedicated mode fixture profile or write xml and xslt files (if you are not familiar with, you will have to learn the xml language (syntax and transform)).

With tabs i mean the Intensity / Gobo / PanTilt / Beam tab

Well i am the programming guy in our company so i know XML
Is there somewhere a starting point to get started with the fixture creation ?

Yes, there is a relation between attributes name and grouping tab. There is a predefined list of attribute that you can find in the Onyx settings. It is described in this support page (general>parameter groups) :

A starting guide to use fixture library editor is available there:

For the xml mode, it is manage with xslt file, there are no documentation about that, you will have to perform some reverse engineering to understand and apply it. Same for pixels, pixels shape which are describe in the main xml of the fixture profile.