CUE UPDATE, LOAD LOAD, but not all changes get saved

noob here.

i’ve been running into a recurring issue when attempting to update a cue.

1 - trigger a cue
2 - hit LOAD LOAD to bring into programmer
3 - select a fixture and adjust parameters
4 - hit UPDATE and ENTER
Programmer clears out everything BUT the new fixture update. and doesn’t save to the cue.

it doesn’t happen to every cue update.
but if it happens, repeating the steps will keep failing on that cue and fixture.

Sometimes i make multiple changes that get saved and clear out of the programmer except for a particular fixtures changes.

i must be missing something cuz i’ve never seen the happen on any of the hours of youtube training i’ve watched.

Don’t press Load Load to Edit cues.
Use either of the below options to Edit/Update cues as per the user manual.

Updating Cues (

Editing a Cue (

Wow… i was way off on that one!
the RIGHT way to update works perfect.
thank you so much.