Cuelist Play bug on Networked Console

Hi Team,

We have a customer who has an NX4 and a NX1 networked together via X-Net, and we have this issue that I have been able to replicate both with their showfile and a blank showfile.

When you press “Play” on cuelists, sometimes it does not fire the resulting cuelist. Through testing, I have found that it seems to be a bug related to the macro “Release This Cuelist”, which they have as the second cue on each of these cuelists. If I use cuelists that don’t feature that macro, the issue doesn’t happen.


Hey David,

Thanks for helping report these networked show bugs. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a session, but have also experienced lag / disconnection while in the environment. That said, I’m told that beta .1254 has network improvement(s).

Seeing how this client might not be running a beta, just thought I’d suggest trying the beta with your specific steps to see if you can continue to replicate.

Also, reporting the version you have tested (or confirmed with) is helpful for the development team.

I appreciate all you do to push the platform and the training to help empower users to get the most out of the software. Keep up the good work.


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Apologies for not noting, I replicated the bug in the most recent release version 1244 and the latest RC beta 1254