Cuelist - Values does not update on cue change

The Cuelist - Value view will not update the values(right part) when a cue is selected in a Cue list, when the ONYX is on a secundairy screen in window maximize mode.

It works on the primary screen(even maximized) and when the window is not maximized.

It seems in this case there is no redraw or part redraw. When the Timings and/or Tracked button is pressed, there is a redraw. Sometimes, the redraw is wrong, are there artifacts.

It is a very strange bug and took sometime to figure out that it was a bug. Maybe only in my system, but it seems fair to report it.

Onyx version: 4.8.1244.0
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (Build 10.0.19045.0)
Second screen connected using VGA (resolution for primary and secundary screen: 1920x1080)