Cues not working & Screen unreponsive

I have a brand new Netron EN4 on V2.9.2 and am having all sorts of random issues.
To be clear, it does appear to be working correctly with 2 universes of DMX output (with ArtNet signal coming from Vista3R4).
The problems I’m having are:
From the web interface, saving/naming cues works sporadically (I get the green check marks, but then sometimes the cue is not created or renamed). Firing the cues seems to work the first time, but subsequent playing of the same cues does nothing.
Also from the web interface, the Identify functionality sometimes works (flashes all lights on the Netron box) and sometimes it doesn’t.
Also, sometimes the screen & dial on the front of the box works fine, and other times it’s completely unresponsive (clicking, turning, etc does nothing).
Sometimes I get solid blue link lights on the front of the box for the 2 universes that I’m using (the other 2 universes are disabled, so the lights are unlit); but other times all 4 lights are solid white (which is not an option for them in the user’s guide)…
All the while, my ArtNet control continues working just fine from Vista thru the Netron and to my fixtures.
Perhaps I just have a defective unit??

Please update to Version 2.94 !