Custom FX Wave Creation & recording of waves/steps

Film and tv could use the ability to create custom wave forms. Sometimes I need to simulate fire or a flourescent light and hitting one button would be fantastic. That would also tie into the ability of recording our timing waves/steps.

Hitting an effect and then having to edit it to make it look how it’s supposed to seems like a waste of time.


Second this. Wave function with variable “Q” (similar to peak function generator in Dylos). Random generator. And the ultimate would be a vector drawing tool, combined with ability to import vector lines as SVG files or similar, so we could make our own custom waveforms.

But jlapeire, I find if I’m trying to do fire or flouro flicker or PMP, Dylos is my friend now. I find I’m using it for even banal tasks that you wouldn’t ordinarily think “pixel mapping” for.

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It is not my friend unless I can make it happen with a button, or have complete control on whether it “flows through the fixtures” (sine wave) or happens simultaneously throughout all fixtures (all acting as once source/effect). I also need to be able to adjust the highs and lows, and frequency of flicker.

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