Customize the Flash button level in the Flash Timings settings

Request to customize the Flash button level in the Flash Timings settings. Or it could be a popup fader option to quickly adjust it from within the right click popup window.

You know, I really don’t want the Override setting to “flash to full” when using the Flash button. Here is why. A Q-Blender Override carries the full range of the setting. Often I don’t want to flash to the maximum speed when hitting the button. I only want to flash to maybe 75% to 85% of the potential speed of the fader. I don’t want to max out the fader by hitting the button because that would be too fast. Neither do I want to create a Q-Blender where the maximum speed is slower than desired, because then one can’t make it go faster if needed.

Instead of using flash you could assign go and release to the same button. Then the fader value would be intact.
I do overwrite behavior with regular cue lists but modified priority settings. This allows for release fade outs too

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