I’m receiving this error for a while during startup and it shows up an error message. sometimes i have to force shutdown software.

SHAREDMEM Tsharedmemory.create [a] handle error5 global\Onyx.DmxUniversesinfo.sharemem origin unkown. and also runtime error 217 at 17F48775.

After few shutdowns, software works fine but got another problem.

It mentioned i’ve exceeded the amount of universes supported. it suggested to check my licence
i couldn’t add fixture, Delete, patch , rename or change universe, seems fixtures got locked and can’t do any actions as it mentioned Console interface got blocked, and i have to complete some commands to resolve this problem.

All fixtures were patched in universe 1 and not exceeded more than 4.

Is this caused because new fixture i’ve created in Library Editor?? or any other problem?

looking forward to resolve these two problems with your support.

Software details
Version : 4.0.1010.0
Free Trail version
Universes limit - 4

Try the latest release 4.2.1045

It worked thanks…

I’m using 4.2.1045.0 and am still having this error. Onyx works the first time I start it up, but then if I quit the software and try to start it again, I receive this exact error. The only fix is to restart my computer.

Trying to run a show on an M2PC wing right now. :-/