DAX Error on 4.4.1188

On my Onyx PC I was having DAX Errors and I was not able to start the software.
I installed the latest version 4.4.1188 and I’m having issues as well.
If I run onys as administrator the error does not pop up, but the software dows not goes thru the start screen where it says: “Loading and optimizing show data…”
I already uninstall and reinstall. disable antivirus, always with the same result.

Hello, please run AnyDesk (AnyDesk.com) and PM me the ID. If you can’t be present while I make the connection, choose to install the utility to your PC (link shown on the left when application is running) and restart AnyDesk

Thank you for the answer. I’m not with the PC next to me right now.
Tomorrow morning I’ll do it. (About 8:00 am GMT)