debug Martin Universal USB-DMX 2

Hi mates, I need kind help.
I’m using LJ 2.95.1 wint Win7 64 and I have problems with 16 bit offset fixtures. On LJ DMX output panel all seems work correctly, when the LSB from a 16 bit offset increments a carry goes correctly to MSB and 0 to LSB, as it should be, but in reality, looking how the fixture moves, the MSB looks affected when the LSB value overcomes only 192 (if I remember right). So I have unwanted “steps” when slowly moving the fixture. I guess can be a bug of the program, do you know about it? or it can be inside the fixture firmware but I dubt because i have the same problem with two different brands, or maybe the USB to DMX adapter has a firmware bug (driver version now is 11.4.562.0). Here are some questions:

  1. Since I have all the fixture effects configured for LJ 2.95.1, and I don’t want to upgrade to M-PC and spending a week to rebuild all manually (I guess), can I expect a bugfix on 2.95.3 about that? How can I run it under Win7?
  2. Is around any way to debug the DMX controller itself without LJ? Just writing a value to a dmx address manually can be enough to check if the fixture moves correctly and the controller is bug-free.
  3. if doesn’t exist a way, can I eventually use M-PC in demo mode for have a test on it?

Thank you a lot for your kind help!


I don’t know lj, so that will be not possible for me to help you on it.

But just for information, mpc is fully free to use with up to 4 universes out on artnet. (1 universe with enttec DMX, and maybe your actual box works also on it).
So there no demo as it is already full with just a limitation on universe output number