Default Center

Hi Onyx Community,

Is there a way to change the a fixture’s default pan/tilt center? By this, I mean the position to which a moving head light moves when “center” is selected in the pan/ tilt faders. I am not referring to the default scene.

I know a default home scene can be set where the fixture will return when the programmer is cleared. However, if it is not the default center, my cues are all off and features like pan/tilt fanning across multiple features do not work as expected.

This is especially important when playing at a venues with existing fixtures; mounted 90 degrees from Onyx’s default center position.

Your help is much appreciated!

Best regards,

Hello Ben,

This is not about default Center, as much as Pan Offset Shift option, in Patch…

This feature has been discussed multiple time in the forum, and on the To Do list…

Using Preset in your cues, is the preferred way, to easily correct such 90° offsets…

Ofer Brum,
Onyx Library Support