Default Save Folder

Default behavior for saving files seems to be to automatically name them based upon date and time and default to a path under the user’s /documents folder.

I would assume that this can be changed somehow?

Is it possible to pull the show file from a network share by default, instead of saving it locally?

Hey Arretx,

So, you can go to the menu system to save the show like this. Go to Menu by clicking the ONYX label at the top:


Then Click the Save button (in the general section of not already there):


The Windows file explorer will come up:

Select where you wish to save it (Apologies, I do not have this joined to a domain network however I manually mapped it to another computer). And that should do it.

This worked for me. I will note, however, next time I went to save again, it defaulted back to the local save location (in my case C:\Users\WBFAdmin\Documents\Obsidian\Onyx).

Now, for an additional technical babble test I did, otherwise a mounted network drive worked.

I tried going to a network-found machine as seen below. Got prompted for the credentials, got in and saved it.

Interestingly, while the file did save at that location on this second example, the program errored out saying this operation could not be performed.

Hope this helps. Apologies I cannot determine how to change the “Default” path other than manually selecting it each time.



it will remember the last saved folder until the software is closed.
You could add a shortcut to your network location to Onyx folder, then its only on click to go to your network.
There is no user setting to change the default path, but you can disable the time stamp in the menu.

Hey Matthias,

Maybe it will stay at that default if I just close (and tell it to save), but if I go to the save button via the menu, each time it reverts back to the original path location (not the last path I previously saved).

That also goes for if I select “load” from the menu system.



There is no way to change this behavior at this time.

I’m thinking the best solution would be to sync two folders that would always be up to date so we wouldn’t be continually browsing to the network location.