Default values help

Why, when I set the values in the editor fixture, are the default 127 in the program and I need 0?

Most reasonably, because the new User Profile has not be changed in the patch

You have to name it differently, than the original profile…

And you can off course save editing the profile altogether ,and simply set new new Default values, directly into the Default Preset…

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

I change the fixture, give it a different name, swap it to the patch but the values are 127. I need zoom and focus at 0.Снимок экрана (22) Снимок экрана (23)Снимок экрана (24)

Can you upload the profile and show here?

Which Onyx version are you using?

Are you sure you don’t have these values stored in the Default Preset?
Are you sure these values are not coming from an active playback?

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Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

Version I created the device profile myself and set the default presets myself to 0. The show file is new, there are no playbacks yet. I just started building shows and ran into this problem.Hibryd 250 edit.xml (11.9 KB)RDK.OnyxShow (3.3 MB)

You are using a Beta version…

Please post this on the Beta 1204 post:

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

yes, indeed with version there are no such problems. Thank you.

As far as I can tell, you’re not using the modified (“edit”) type in your show file, but the original one. I suppose you intended to swap fixture 50 to your modified type (I do notice both types pulled into your show file). I just tried that with your modified type and defaults are pulled in properly.

Looking at the data, I assume you somehow tried to swap fixture 50 multiple times after each type edit? The swap should only be applied once per specific type: a reference is put in the show file that tells the software where to look for updates of that specific type. Type edits/updates are then only pulled in immediately after Continue or Load Show, so you should either restart the software (and then continue with current show), or save and (immediately) load the show again to pull type edits into your show file…

Thank you. I’ve tried various options. I removed the device from the patch, patched a new device, replaced the device, but the result is the same. When trying to record a playback, the zoom and focus values ​​became 127. I even created a new show file

And in your new show, you added the “edit” type from the user fixture library? What folder did you pull the XML file from which you posted here?

I created this device profile myself, so it is only in the user library

Could you otherwise create another new show, patch that type and send us the show file?

I have already rolled back to version and created a show. Set again. will be a little problematic because Windows is a little “moody”)). In version everything works without problems
You can create an empty show and insert only this fixture there and see the default zoom and focus values. I did it with pan and tilt, but the zoom and focus “don’t want to”))