Delete Function buttons

How do I delete function buttons. Not from the side bar, but from the bank where you select them to assign to sidebar or f keys. I have like 8 2D plans for some reason

You are looking at the views directory. You can place one and delete it like any normal button.

Hi there, i’m having the same problem of deleting or moving views.
I hit delete or move, select the view to manipulate, but can’t go any further - neither via the pop-up panel nor via the command line.
Does something need to be unlocked first ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

You want to click the button in the top left that looks like a computer with a pad lock. It is to the right of the word onyx. Then click the rocket ship button that says launch views. Then make sure the views tab on the bottom left is selected and red. Then you can use the keypad to delete view buttons.

Thanks Chays, but that still didn’t work.
As soon as I open the keypad, the launch views window disappears.
And yes, i’ve unlocked the padlock.
Even if I preselect ‘delete’ from the keypad, launch views then select the view I want to delete or move - nothing - I get DELETE in the Command Line, but can’t add anything to execute the command.
This kind of simple task drives me crazy.
Any further suggestions ?

Views are available in two ways. 99% you don’t to edit or modify views but select them, so some generic functions are disabled unless you are jn the dedicated view directory. Otherwise you couldn’t select a view to find e.g. a group to delete. So views itself are locked out from all commands.

1: The Views on the bottom left of the quick launch selects the actual view to bring up as a quick shortcut, and will simply bring up the stored view.
2. The view directory itself is in the panels section. This is the view directory

Bring up the panels, now you can delete , copy and rename views.

You can also assign the views directory to one of the side panel buttons on the left if you do a lot of work in views.

Oh yeah, i forgot that step, thanks Matthias!

Thank you for your response Matthias,
Being a novice to your software and due to the current confinement - and I take this opportunity to wish you all well and good health - means that I don’t have access to physically plugging in luminaires to physically see what happens, therefore I rely entirely on the 2D Plan whilst programming and generally learning your software.
In consequence, i’ve created a lot of ‘views’ that incorporate the 2D Plan (and, by the way, the possibility to ‘see’ the ‘W’ of an RGBW fixture would also be a very welcome addition).
Further, through my own admitted ignorance, I have inadvertantly created multiples of the same or similar views and, for the sake of clarity and good form, would like to put some order into the chaos i’ve created by deleting the duplicates and ordering the the rest.
Therefore, being a privileged member of the rare 1% and despite your kind and much appreciated help, the functions I require remain elusive - either through the Views Directory or Launch Views.
Maybe I require baby step-by-steps…
Does the fact that i’m running Onyx (latest version) under VMWare Fusion and Windows 10 Pro on my Mac have any bearing here ?
Thank you once again for your help - stay indoors , healthy and sane !

share a video of your commands. Does it read Delete View XX in the commandline? Don’t forget to press ENTER to confirm the command.

Check this out to see if it helps -> VIDEO LINK

Oh man, so much unconfined thanks - what a dimwit I am !!
In Launch Views, I was consistently looking at ‘Views’ as opposed to ‘Panels’.
So, I can now Delete and Copy but it still refuses to Move - padlock unlocked or locked is the same.
Another baby-step for a witless-baby ?

In that video I moved a view first by selecting move, clicking the button that in want to move then clicking an open button where I want to relocate it. The only thing you need to hit on the key pad is move.

Now that is exactly what i’m doing - like copy and delete (+ enter & confirmation) which both work.
Very strange.

Move is defective in 4.4 , its a known bug. Copy it and delete the source as a workaround.