Difference between Mark Per Cuelist and Mark Per Cue

This is new language. What does it mean and when would each be used?

The way we currently have our playbacks setup is a single cue per cue list, so there is a separate cuelist button for each section of the program.

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I do this because training people to understand that there can be more than one cue in a cue list seems to be a challenge, so having a button for each makes sense.

With that comes the challenge of positioning a moving head between playbacks while they’re dark. There’s Mark per Cuelist and Mark per Cue, but I haven’t made heads or tails of either of them.

If Cuelist 1 has a single moving head that fades in to 100%, and Cuelist 2 has that same moving head at 100% in a different position, what do we do in terms of Marking to get that head to fade out, move, then fade in again…

or are we just supposed to create a movement cue before the fade-in cue on the second cue list?

how shoud we solve this???



Mark only work within the same Cuelist… Not between multiple Cuelists…

some fixtures have a move in black as part of the light itself. You may want to check your lights and see if they have that

It is not possible to use “MARK” with separate cuelists. You need to program a manual 0% cue, followed by a cue that sets up the fixtures, then a cue to bring up the intensity.

That makes sense…