Direct cue launch.


I am trying to create a cue list with direct access to every cue.
For example I create movement effects in one Cue list. Every cue in that list would be a different movement effect.
Then I need to set it up in a way, that I could select any cue from that list (like with buttons up and down. But the cue needs to wait for my GO.
So it would be like I pre-arm a cue to start, and when I press GO or move the fader up, the cue will start and play only that one selected cue. But not from the top of the cue list, but from that selected cue (for example cue 5).
I would build multiple cue lists like that and lunch them when needed from playbacks.

Now the question - how to do it?

Hey Mike,

1 option - place your cuelists on the playback buttons (view). When playing back, you can select multi-cue and direct access. This will allow you to select multiple cuelists and the specific cue number in that cuelist. It will then wait for you to press the go button. All will go at the same time.

Depending on the software version you are running…I know you can now execute direct cues also from the main playbacks strip at the bottom of the screen. However, I’m not sure how to do with multiples at the same time (or if that is even an option right now).

Hope this helps,


Thank You for this tip, I will try it out.
So far I am trying to achieve this on one cue list only. I need to launch the cues individually, and independently (for busking), so no need to start multiple cues at once. Only one at the time for now. When this will be done, I will play around with more complex cue launching.
BTW, I am running 4.6.1226 now.


Well it is almost perfect.
If only it would not launch the cues, but just select them, so I could launch them in the right moment…
To make a pre-selection - then it will be exactly what I need.

Hey @Mike,

You can preselect. Just make sure that the direct cue and multi-select is on. You don’t have to select mulitple cues, but that will allow you to pre-load the go button.

Hope this helps.


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