DMX chart fixture modification

Hi there, I got another question concerning the ADB Warp again: In Onyx, there’s one version of the fixture with 34 channels, 28 of which are used, the rest is left for external stuff like scrollers. In the venue the DMX footprint of the Warp is only 28 and they won’t change their patching for me. This means I can’t just patch the Warps to the given ad resses of the venue.

So is there another chance than creating a fixture on my own that consists only of the first 28 channels? Or any other suggestions how to deal with that? Thank you, as always. Markus

You could simply edit the fixture, remove the “extra” channels and save it as a user fixture.

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Thanks Matthias, that’s the solution I’m looking for!

Okay, I managed to delete the extra channels, but now I can’t define the intensity channel in the patch window, even if I put intensity on one of the remaining extra channels. Do you have an idea how to solve this problem? Thank you!