DMX disabled due to license error

I’m the Production Manager at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.
I run 3 outdoor stages here.
We use martin consoles, 3 M2go and 2 M1 usually with no issue.
On one of the M2GO’s started giving an error message once the show file is loaded saying License doesn’t match configuration - DMX output is disabled. I dont have it right in front of me but it is something to that effect.
I was running version 3.7.881 so I decided to change over to ONXY - I loaded the latest version and that went seamlessly but the same error comes up every time I load a show file.
I’m the original owner of this console and never have had a license error come up before nor on any other desk.
I have searched for an answer but it eludes me. Can anyone here enlighten me on what I need to do?
I’m a sound engineer by trade, lighting is not my forte so any help is appreciated.

The actual error message is
“DMX ERROR - this console has not detected the correct license key and DMX output is disabled”

Hi Jpizzo64,

Sorry for the very very late response, this message must have slipped our attention.

There is a possibility that the licence PCB came loose. Can you open the M2GO and check on the front panel if the small licence PCB is connected correctly and not loose?

I’ll pop it open and take a look. thanks for the info

Not to open an old topic. I have just upgraded a M2GO with v4.2.1057.0 it is showing up as a “COMPACT Free Edition” device and is giving me the above error. i have opened up the console and made sure all cables are plugged in. This console was working properly with the original Martin software V2.9.xxxx. Has anybody ever seen this or have an answer to the error.



A firmware upgrade to the CodeMeter dongle might be necessary: try connecting the M2GO to a PC (in USB mode) and if that PC has the CodeMeter runtime installed (because it has ONYX installed, for example), open the CodeMeter Control Center and trigger the update:

Hi gert_leunen i am looking at this right now and the codemeter center isn’t showing any sticks
all i see is a blank screen


however in Onyx i get a different message about licensing now it says NOVA.

I’m pretty confused as to what’s going on.

Thanks again

Looks like there’s no dongle at all, could you send a screenshot of the firmware update tool?