Dmx-in flicker

I’m having some problems with dmx in on my light jockey computer. We are running light jockey on a win 7 computer, we have a 12ch board going in to our dongle, from there on to a dmx split and then to five 4-ch dimmer packs.

If we are running directly from the board to the split without the dongle everything works fine, if we run it from light jockey everything works great. BUT when we run the board trough lj using dmx in and patching in global patch using fader one to control 1 ch on the dimmerpack and so on we get a flicker in the lights. With between 1-10min all the dimmer channel that is on goes full off and back again.

Anyone has any ideas on what is wrong?

Difficult to diagnostic, but I would suspect some DMX timing incompatibility.

I’m afraid there are no easy fix to this. can you try another console for DMX-in?

Was it a straight 12 channel console or is it a 12/24?? I had a similar issue with a 12/24 console when console was in preset mode, as both faders 1 and 13 were set to out put as dmx address 1… Causing LJ /MPC to be receiving 2 values for submaster 1 which gave a similar flicker effect to what you described… Was fine in wide mode…