DMX-IN issue with LJ 2.110

Hi everyone,

First of all, here is my setup: Win 10 / LJ 2.110.4 / 2 M-DMX interfaces

I got what seems to be a regular problem encountered by several users, in fact there is no way to operate the DMX IN, the software does not react, the controlled submasters remain at 0 as if they did not receive information.
(with activated option, and configured channels )

I have no way to get a response with my external consoles ( I’ve switched consoles, cables, and adapters too)
I also tested on the 2 interfaces

But when I tested with the DMXin emulator, it worked well

I’ve installed the Elation version of the software but it doesn’t solve the problem

None of the the topics on DMX IN issues on this forum brings solution

I so concluded that it is a problem with the interfaces but I am stucked (as far as I know, the M-DMX no longer has a dedicated driver to install, otherwise it is the first thing I will have done)

Thank you in advance for your help !

Hello ? Anybody here ? Or this forum is as dead as Martin left the LJ before selling its controllers department to Elation ? (FY H*rman by the way !)