DMX Latency with MTouch/Mplay

Having an issue with the DMX output from both my M-touch and my M-play.
It’s lagging and not smooth…as in, intensity moves in stepped jumps when moving an inhibitive fader, also an override with P/T fx jumps and stutters rather than moving smoothly.
If I switch the cable to an MDMX box with no other changes it works fine.
I seem to remember seeing it before, but it’s every time now, making the DMX outputs from the boards unusable. Doesn’t matter what USB port or if only using the M-Touch not both.
Still on 3.70.885, doing the update next week when I have some time between jobs!
Any ideas?

Disable Artnet, and test😉

Pretty sure I already did that, but I’ll take a look at that showfile tomorrow.

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Perform the switch to Onyx on v4.0.1010 to get this issue fixed :slight_smile:


Nice, the Artnet lag has been addressed?

Yes! Since the first Onyx release 4.0.1006 (15/08/2018)

Resolved M-Touch/M-Play DMX refresh issues when Art-Net is turned on

Full release note available there, and there were a lot of fixes!


Yes, I think it’s fixed. I haven’t noticed a lag since updating the firmware from official release.