Dmx ports burnt in my mpc console

My dmx ports in mpc console got burnt due to short circuit in my last show, can anyone give me information how I can fix those ports, does onyx people will repair the motherboard for me or whom am I supposed to consult, please help.

When you say “burnt” do you mean the physical ports only melted down or is there also no more data coming through a.k.a you fried the board too?
If it is only the port itself then you can easily purchase a XLR (or DIN 6) solder connection in your local music store or any online shop. If you are confident soldering it yourlself (its just three/four connections you have to resolder) , you can open up the console and just replace the port on the DMX board.

If you are not comfortable soldering then Obsidian Control systems surely will be there to assist.

He fried his DMX ports in 2019, I guess he either fixed it by now or bought himself something new.

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True. But anyone with a similar issue in 2021 or even 2025 at this point may benefit from this solution.