DMX Ports "not available"

Hey there, I updated to the latest software and our M2GO stopped outputting DMX, we have to go to console tester to get it to start outputting again, also all the DMX ports show “not available” on them, We updated firmware and still have the issue. we decided maybe it was the software and decided to go back one version with a completely clean install and the issue now still happens.

please let me know what else I could do! Thanks!

Having the same issue today after testing RDM on some fixtures. RDM scan caused Onyx to crash, and upon restarting the software, I no longer had any DMX output through my NX Wing. Contacted support and they have no clue what’s happened, waiting to hear back from the Product Engineer.

Try to reassign the ports. There was a bug in earlier firmware that caused the assignment to get lost.
After firmware update redo the ports and it will remember it ok

I still having issues with RDM and NX-2
the ports connected has issues stopping outs and leave led test on red and to return to work You need restart console

I had the same issue without answer NX-2/M2Go-HD and NX-Wing not work RDM but yes in NX-4 and old M-PC/USB-DMX