Does EP4 node license Onyx for 4 universes?

I’m interested in purchasing an EP4.

Does connecting an EP4 node, license and activate the free Onyx software for 4 universes?

Yes, with next Onyx build 4.6

Does anyone know if you have to be using ArtNet for the EN4/EP4 to be detected in Onyx?

Worried about updating to the latest versions as we are using sACN and Onyx doesn’t give any indication of seeing any of our nodes.

Yes the unlock detection will require Artnet.
sACN has no node communication in the protocol, thats why you are not seeing anything.
If you want to use sACN and need the Universes out you will need an ONYX Key to unlock the software.


Has there been any conversations about the software seeing the node as a device overall (not just specific to Art-Net / sACN). But like the management application that would allow you to change the node settings. This would allow a console or PC to see all devices on the network regardless of the protocol. And could that be a way to unlock the universes?

Just some feedback / input.