double tilt issue

I hope to create a new profile for the rgb spider laser moving head
this fixture by te lighting also created under the name of mj_1031 supose to have 1 channel for the pan and 2 different channel for the tilt and of course when I create a profile using 1 channel for the tilt , I couldn’t able to use th3 pan and tilt movement macros , so I like to know how to override this issue in order to use the movement macro with all the pan and tilt channels


Current FX engine support a single Pan/Tilt combination, but effects can be applied to any attribute

Depending on how your profile is set up, you either have the 1st Tilt added to the Pan, or have Pan\ Tilt 1 & Tilt 2 controlled as separate attributes…

I setup the tilt as 1 chaanel and it sound wiered that when I use the movement macro , both tilts are moving but not synchronize with each other one of them have a delay or as if it is malfunction, while the pan of course is moving perfectly .
i need to use the macro for moving both tilt in the same time and synchronizing

Not sure how can you set 2 attributes, as one channel…

Can you upload your User Profile, and post a link here?

As said, you cannot have both worlds, in such an unusual fixture…

  • Either set Pan Tilt attributes as Pan, Tilt, Tilt 1. In this case Pan & Tilt will combine, to work like a regular fixture, with a single tilt. The 2nd tilt attribute will run independently, under the FX engine
  • 2nd option, is separate these 3 attributes, by naming them differently, for example Pan 1, Tilt 1, Tilt 2. In this case, you will loose the special PT combo FX Modes, such as Circle, Ellipse etc… But you will be able to link both Tilts, to work as one attribute

Finally, some manufacturers, has a special control channel, that will let you change the Tilt mode in the fixture, to wok as a single tilt

Ofer Brum
Fixture Library Support

as you see in the profile , i set the pan as atrribute 0
and the pan speed as attibute 1

no problem for the pan.

the tilt have 2 attributes , attribute # 2 for tilt1
and attribute 3 for tilt 2 , and as you can see i enable the
movement macros

i guess there is an option in the light jocky which help me to combine or syncronize 2 channels to work together, i mean if i change attribute 2 ,then automatically attribute 3 will be changed with the same value , but i don’t remeber where is this option in LJ.

Sorry. I completely missed this was an LJ profile issue, no M-Series… :wink:

You can’t control such fixture, from the PT Macros

But I’m pretty sure you can control them from the Generic Macros (sorry, I’m not an LJ expert)

I’m sure @PaulPelletier will know better