Dylos - 2 color preset mapping without media needs Dylos Intensity


I get a small issue with Dylos and 2 color presets. (4.6.1230)

I’ve recorded several 2 colors presets into a cuelist (only 2 color presets, sub dylos part 0.4).
If I’m giving a go on this color cuelist to go to the next 2 colors presets cue, if I don’t have a media running, I need to play a bit on Dylos Intensity (up/down) to see the change. (red/white to red/blue as example)

Don’t know if it is designed that way or is it an issue?

What I have done is I don’t include master intensity in my cue that hold dylos content, instead I create an override to control dylos intensity and assign that to a fader then create cuse which hold my dylos content.

this way I can can fade back and fourth between Dylos content and my standard style cues.

Hello, that’s not exactly the issue I’d described. It is when no media plays, then the change of 2 preset mode isn’t taken into account.

The Dylos intensity is on another cuelist fader :slight_smile: