Dylos: Color? Palette? Mapping? ... custom colors over video / presets tutorial


I’ve read the user manual quick start guide but have gaps in my understanding. https://support.obsidiancontrol.com/Content/DYLOS/DYLOS_Quickstart.htm .

I’ve searched Dylos videos for custom color tutorials, seen some great tips, but not happened upon what explains the methods for using custom colors in Dylos.

Is there a guide that explains, perhaps from start to finish, the methods of how to pick and choose colors in Dylos?

What does the Color tab do? It doesn’t appear to change the color of the output video.

Palette: I notice that the “Palette” tab in Dylos does this but they are images. Do you need to find or create images with the colors you want to use and add them in a palette folder?

Mapping: how do you create & use color presets to in the mapping? I’ve selected color presets for preset, 1, 2, &3 but don’t see any changes in the 2D visualizer. Do you save the presets to the Zone fixture?