DYLOS Connectivity

Hello! I am attempting to use some Aputure PB16s with DYLOS. After having a succesful set up and test last week I am now finding it challenging to get the lights to interact with DYLOS. The 2D plan and zone are in place, yet the lights don’t respond to the effects placed in the zone. Thoughts? Thank you

Can you attach your showfile to this post?

Hello Matthais! In attempting to attach the show file I get a pop up that says new users aren’t aloud to upload attachments

hello, we see this bug. and can reproduce it now. it is allways at the same moment also the go triggers not sycronize.
if we start a show on nx1, and join this show from a laptop with onyx, the go sync and the dylos sync work in both ways. wow.
but if we start a show on the nx1 and do anything on this, getting values to programmer, setting dylos zone int, starting itc, it does not matter what, and join the show from a laptop after doing anything on nx1, then the join spent 4 times longer, there are no xnet notification on nx1, only on the laptop! and no sync on anything.
it is exact the same in 25 trys.