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Hello Matthias, hope you are well. I just tried to access the Dylos Box content share folder but it gave an error, saying the file or folder has been moved or something.

Was hoping to find the piece of content that Phil Shearer used in his Poor Man’s Process demonstration last weekend. Just a single bar traveling across the field repeatedly.

Update: I found out what Phil was using. I was fooled because I thought it was a video, and I couldn’t find it in the video folders. But I recreated what he had by using the still image of a plain bar, from folder 11 Elation Gobos. I rotated #39 90 degrees but there is also a vertical one there that could be used. Then I animated the shape by moving it over to the side with the X position control under the pan tilt parameter, and applying movement FX using the rising triangle waveform.

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