Dylos content zone screen


Will it be possible in the future to display the dylos zone as a separate screen or send as a stream?

I want to use dylos as media server :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Krzysztof,
I don’t think that it is an intended idea of Dylos.
I use Resolume and Arkaos as Media servers and control them from Onyx.
Dylos is basically used as Pixel mapper and dimmer/color effect generator.

It doesn’t need external media servers since dylos has a great animation package.
Why not use dylos to control lights and projectors at the same time?

A lot here can be very dependent on the hardware possibilities. If You process let’s say 1000 pixels out of milion hardware can make it, but if You do 2-3 milion pixels processing - this starts to use up many resources of the console and then image shifting, scaling, effects - real time image processing in general… Then the device need to run 64 universes smoothly, so this will use up a lot of resources. I think that’s why we are for now limited only to 5 zones max so far. If they will figure out a less hardware consuming processing for Dylos, maybe then we can get more zones and who know - Onyx media server option…?