Dylos DMX Output

What if instead of recording dylos as presets/cues, the dmx output from the active parameters in the zone could be recorded. Rather than having the dylos engine constantly running for each cue the dmx values would be transfered into the regular engine.

Not sure if I explain my tought well enough… It just seems like counterintuitive for me to have Dylos running in the back for a simple color chase.

And maybe there is a way to do that but I havent figured it out yet. thanks!

It is the intention to use Dylos for even the most basic items actually. It is integral to Onyx, not an add-on plugin.

I totally get that Matthias. And don’t get me wrong, I love the engine and juste getting started with it.

If somehow the data could be translated into raw values we wouldn’t be limited to a X number of zones and overall the engine could be even more powerful than it already is.

This would essentially a massive raw data dmx recorder. Not the right way to do this. It may work for 10/20 fixtures but if you have to record 5000 rgb pixels it becomes not efficient at all. Dylos creates this in real time on demand. There are no plans to recapture Dylos streams back into the Onyx core.