Dylos Fun

Hi Everyone , I’m busy planning for an installation where we are going to use Dylos for some pixel effects, part of the installation we have Martin Rush MH10 beam fx im running the pixel ring in Dylos and its working beautifully but my Question is is it possible to rotate the whole fixture on Dylos so that the content aligns with the fixture ?
Second Question - I have added the center beam of the MH10 to an second zone but i am not getting any Dylos control over that beam … has anybody had this problem before?

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Can you explain what you mean by ‘rotate the fixture’? Do you mean edit the pan and tilt with DyLOS? If so, that functionality cannot be done yet. If you mean virtually, go into your 2D plan and edit the rotation of the fixtures in that space and the content should rotate accordingly as well. Alternatively, DyLOS allows for rotating content on its axis’, if you dont want to rotate the fixtures because of orientation for control or already built effects, just rotate the content itself in DyLOS.
For the second question, make sure the intensity of the DyLOS effect layer and the intensity for the fixture is set to 100%.