DyLOS memory leak after 4.8 update

I’m experiencing what appears to be a memory leak in the DyLOS.exe process after updating Onyx to 4.8. I’m running the PC version on Windows 10 with an attached M-Touch. The system reports that the process is allocating around 1.5MB per second, which means that leaving the show open for an hour results in over 5GB allocated. This occurs whether or not any output is being generated or cues with DyLOS content are active - I opened the showfile (attached below) and left the software untouched after that and observed the same leak. Please let me know if anyone can reproduce this using my showfile or their own. I can also provide a memory dump but I don’t want to post it publicly in case it contains anything sensitive.
03_2022-08-14_1659_Build_4_8_1237_0.OnyxShow (4.5 MB)

I’ve also just reproduced this with a blank showfile (i.e. no fixtures patched and DyLOS support not enabled).

Actually my dylos.exe went down in MB used, and has been stable without any assignment changes. That is with your test showfile.

Uninstall Onyx and reinstall to start with.

Full reinstall seemed to fix it. Thanks!