Dylos not sending infos


I’m having issues with dylos from time to time…

I’m patching fixtures, having them work with dylos perfectly…

After a few hours when I want to play with them in dylos again I don’t have the control on them

Fixtures (Titan tubes) are @full
Dylos zone @full

Video is showing in the 2d plan but the fixtures don’t seem to react. ( in the 2d plan they are still @full )

I checked opacity, intensity, and several other things…

And cannot find the way to have them back

Would you have any clue…?

Thanks for your input

I’m having the same issue. All of my fixtures in my Dylos Zone are outputting fine expect for my Robe CycFx. I can see the Dylos content playing on the pixels on the CycFx on the 2d plan but nothing is actually happening on stage.

If fixtures do not react properly to dylos its often due to the fixture profile. You can report it as part of the fixture request.
Update the library first, retest and ask for correction if needed: Fixture Library (obsidiancontrol.com)