Dylos Preset Multi Select

In the Dylos Zone Mapping we can take the signal and map it to 2 or 3 presets, but this is only from one category. So you could map it from dark to bright, but for instance you couldn’t set 2 movement positions presets, Fanned to Straight, then also have it Dark to Bright, or Blue to Red.

This seems like a serious oversight unless you’re ready to use 6 different Dylos zones to handle all of the preset categories. Just having colour, movement and brightness controlled by Dylos already surpasses the base license so we already have to lose on that front.

There are a few solutions to this:

  • Combined Presets, sort of like FX macros but just for all parameters. (I currently use cues for this process but putting combined presets in a cue list is a hacky workaround and not a good workflow)
  • Allowing one preset from each category, this would allow more granularity than the above option.
  • The worst option would be to allow assigning cues to the presets, this is hacky but would work with how the current workflow makes people use it.

@llamahat -

ONYX does allow combined presets. By default when creating (as an example) a color preset it will only record color. This is by design to help prevent un-intentional parameters into a preset type without some “direct override” by the user.

So in your example you can set your color, position, and intensity and go to record a combined (or global / FX) preset. To do so, when recording, use the parameter filters in the record dialog popup. Again, in your example, select Intensity, Color, and Position. Record your desired preset. In the preset, you will now see the letter IPC indicating those parameters. You can now use that preset in a single DyLOS zone with the 1/2/3 preset mapping selected and you have done what you asked. There are several YouTube videos out there showing this also as reference.

Hope this helps,


Hi Watson

Thankyou for your response, I figured that the categories would strip that type of data and only save data specific to that category. Is there a category for these combined presets or do people typically just stick them where ever?