DYLOS Tips and Tricks

To use DYLOS a zone must be created:
Add a Dylos Zone in a 2D Plan view. This will create a dedicated fixture in the patch with multiple dots. The first time this may take a few seconds as the dylos engine is started.

Resize as needed. Check the transparency option to see the full zone as a preview or only the pixels itself.

Add DYLOS Zone Control and Library to your view(s).

Add USER content to the library. Drag / drop file(s) or a whole folder onto a user folder. On consoles used EDIT and touch a cell to browse for content.

All content is automatically converted and optimized for DYLOS.

Play back content
Set the Zone Intensity to Full
Select the “Source” button and pick a piece of content.
Modify as needed in the channel visualizer, the same as any other fixture or media server.
Save to a preset or cue.