Dylos Training?

Have the Beta/Release Candidate 1182 installed and starting to work with it. Sort of muddling my way through, I managed to get a zone created and getting some things to play back in it, but it’s slow going. Getting a bit frustrated. Mostly trying to control things, don’t quite understand how the various slots in the Dylos Zone Composer interact, how to load content in those slots in an orderly fashion and so forth.

Any chance we can get some tutorials or documentation on this? Even if it’s only informal temporary form?

Unrelated (but still related to Dylos) question: Is there are limit on the length of videos we can import?

you may want to look at this video it is at least a starting point


Here is an updated section on the Support Page that talks about DyLOS.


Also you mentioned beta RC 1182 but they are now on 1183. So you might try that also.

Hope this helps,