Dylos zones not to showing up to place in 2d plan.

Hi, having an issue in 4.8.1237.0 on a nx wing.
I have created multiple dylos zones and they work fine when created as new.
When I open 2d edit and go to place an existing zone on a 2d page, nothing shows up in the list to place them. It is an empty page. I have tried on 2 different units, but the page where you normally choose from is just empty tiles.
Please advise. Thanks


DyLOS zones that are already placed in a 2d Plan will need to be deleted to show up in the list as available to place somewhere else. New is only available the first time a zone is created. And depending on the hardware / license you have will depend on how many total zones you will be allowed to place.

Hope this helps,


To make it simple, a Dylos zone can be only used once at a time.