Hi to all!
Can this be something we could change in cue settings as our own default ?maybe position like “center window”! cause I didn’t bother at this little window option cause it was extremly on the left side and downwards.
Otherwise can there be someking of default setting appear in the "Center "of Windows? for distracted people like me ?I mean just some personal setup.

Hi Giancarlo,

To my knowledge, this is not an option. However, if you move the window once in a single session, it will remain at that location as long as you are in the same session (i.e. don’t restart Onyx).
So if you place it at the centre once every time you open Onyx, you should be fine for the rest of the time programming.


it’s not what I suggested! = )

So what did you suggest? Please help me understand your question.

To have the chance to choose a fixed position in the window,it could maybe be in the “MENU” " SETTINGS " so I can choose "center,up ,down ,left ,right " etc… but then please enlarge that pop upwindow ,it’s to small to be a so importante feature!

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As already said, that is not possible as of now.

Ok hope soon!

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