Effects questions

any tips/shortcuts to programming a 3 color - step effect macro?

and is there any way effects can be built on a referenced (ie mixed ) color rather than a single paramater

@Jirwind is the man to teach you how.

For example ?

in its simplest form Id like to have a3 parameter color step macro ie red white blue ( fixtures are rgbaw) so I have an actual parameter for each color I know how to build a macro with 2 parameters, but timing does not work when I add the third parameter,
I’ am able to build a chase q by q but the way ive been doing it is pretty time consuming and can’t be changed or tweaked easily (other than rate) once it’s been assembled.

the 2nd part of the question is can a program a2 or 3 color macro that uses a preset color built with multiple parameter’s ie cyan, magenta, gold

any help you can give would be greatly appreciated