EN 4 Node with grandma2 onPC?

Hey, i didn’t found an answer to that anywhere, so i might be just stupid but i wanted to ask if the EN Nodes work with grandMA2 onPC Software. I got used to MA so i’d like to keep using it while having a Node for it that doesn’t cost me my soul. Just curious because surely there are Nodes that just work with their own program ( i can also understand why) so i wanted to ask here (:

MA2 DMX output needs to be unlocked by MA hardware like a wing or one of their nodes. Once unlocked the MA can work with any NETRON node.

So basically, as soon as i have parameters, i can use the Netron Node but the maximum DMX Output adresses are limited then by the MA Parameters right? So if i get an MA NSP with 2008 Parameters unlocked, i get 2 Universes with the Netron Node and the NSP right? So basically i wouldn’t need the Netron, because it doesn’t unlock me any parameters, so i could just use MA Hardware right? Could be that im wrong…
Pretty stupid if thats the case, because then it would cost me my soul xD
thank you tho

MA is a closed system like many others.
To unlock their software, You need their hardware.
Same goes for Onyx and Avolites.
Netrons will unlock You 2 or 4 universes of DMX with ONYX software and the cost is reasonable.

I transitioned from MA to Onyx and it was very easy to do so.
It is a bit different, but totally workable and the Pixel mapper (DyLOS) is on the next level. MA with that is not even close…