EN12 and CLU

I build a rack with 4 en12 and I have a strange behavior, first doest detect all en12 just the first 1, second it freeze all the nodes i’m running clue in the same computer where im running grandma 2 software, i’ve updated the firmware to the last one, I can access each node separated in the web browser but none of hem with CLU, same rage ip address 2.x.x.x 255.00.0 as subnet, any thoughs ?

Just tested this and was unable to replicate.

What web and firmware version are installed on the EN12?

2.8 the lastet in the downloads section.

@lwbtl 2.8 is not the latest.

2.9.4 is the latest firmware for Netron. 2.8 does not work with CLU.

Netron 2.9.4 Firmware